Map and Cue Sheet for
Old Colchester Road
Pohick Bay Regional Park
Fairfax County Virginia

This ride begins anywhere in the  Kingstowne/Rose Hill/Bush Hill/Franconia  area of Lee District. The Starting Point is the intersection of  Manchester Lakes Blvd and Beulah St, near the Manchester Lakes Shopping Center. You can ride your bike to the Starting Point, or use your car to drive to a convenient drop-off place.

[ Map: Old Colchester Road, Gunston Road, Pohick Bay Regional Park ]

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  1. Starting Point: Beulah Street and Manchester Lakes Blvd  (a.k.a. Kingstowne).  The shopping center area has apres-bike eating opportunities. Be careful about parking in business lots because you could be mistaken for a commuter. Weekend riders will find a convenient school lot just down Beulah Street.
    Direction: South
    0.00  Time: 0:00

  2. Telegraph Road: The intersection of Telegraph Road and Beulah Street has the Kingstowne Library (another possible drop-off point). Across the way is Fort Belvior. This gate is closed, but we are working on that problem.
    Direction: Right Turn
    Miles: 2.2  Time: 0:15

  3. Pohick Church: The shady tunnel you see across the Richmond Highway (Route 1) intersection is Old Colchester Road.  You have already passed Davidson Army Airfield and climbed a steep half-mile grade. Cross Route 1 at the light and spend a few minutes in the shade. Ahead of you is an unusual (for Fairfax County) wooden plank bridge.
    Direction: Straight Across Richmond Highway.
    Miles: 3.4 Time: 20 Minutes

  4. Intersection Gunston Road: Now you have to make a choice: Straight or Left? Tell you what: Let's Do Both! A Left Turn takes you past a huge field  that is sometimes used for equestrian events. This is an old Fairfax County farm operated by the Bureau of Land Management. It will be on your right for about two miles. Gunston Road, you'll notice, has no shoulders. It feeds residential and recreational areas. You'll be sharing the road with trucks hauling huge boat trailers. Stay to the right, stay alert, but don't be too worried about it. Gunston Road is a popular bicycle route.
    Direction: Left Turn
    Miles: 1.9 Time: 15 Minutes

  5. Pohick Bay Regional Park: The park has everything: a swimming pool, campsites, picnic sites, a boat launching ramp, and most unusual, sunfish sailboat rentals! This is a great destination! Pack in a picnic lunch and spend the day. This park is run by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. For more information about Pohick Bay, click here.
    Note: Don't get confused! You are going to pass the Golf Course entrance on your left before you reach the Park itself. The Park entrance is about a mile past the Golf Course.
    Direction: Left Turn into Park
    Miles: 3.15 Time: 20 Minutes

  6. The Occoquan: So what would have happened if at Number 4, you went straight instead of turning left? You'd have ended up at the Occoquan River! It is a pretty ride, but the last bit of it ( i.e. the last 100 yards) is pretty junky. On the other hand, it is the river, and there is a marina down there. I know you won't think that the ride is complete until you see the water! As you continue down Old Colchester Road, you'll pass Mason Neck West Park on your left. There is a porta-pottie there, but no telephone or water. A little less than a mile later, Old Colchester Road appears to suddenly bend to the left. Actually, Old Colchester Road goes straight ahead across the intersection. You are crossing Furnace Road, which goes to Lorton, and of all places, to the Lazy Susan Dinner Theater. I'll be writing more about this in the future.
    After you cross Furnace Road, look for a particularly prominent white house with a stone foundation on your right. Don't you wish you had a place like that? Later, on your left, you'll see what appears to be a wide driveway for a large house. Actually, it is the entrance to a private marina. I'll report more about it in the future. A little later, the road ends right into the Occoquan itself. On your right is a railroad bridge and a highway bridge for Route 1. Further upstream are the I-95 river bridges.
    Direction: Turn around and Go Back!
    Miles: 1.71 Time: 15 Minutes (from Marker #4)

Time and Distance Recapitulation

Round Trip
Round Trip
Pohick Bay Park
10.65 21.3 1:10 2:20
9.4 18.8 1:05 2:10

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