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Our most often visited sites are found on our Interests page, or elsewhere on this website. This page represent serendipity. Currently featured are our vacation ideas for this year:

  • Johnstown Flood
    • I always had a lot of curiosity about this 1889 event, ever since I read a book about it a long time ago. This non-wartime disaster caused the third greatest loss of life on the American Mainland since the founding of the Republic.  
  • Great Smoky Mountain National Park
  • Camp Shaw-Mi-Del-Eca
    • I spent a lot of summers in Lewisburg West Virginia attending this camp. The link takes you to former camper Glen Walsh's history of SMDE. The camp is now being converted to a "gated community." Ick.
  • Saint Michaels Maryland
    • Now, if you are a bicyclist and lead a good, wholesome life, when you die you end up in a place that looks like the Eastern Shore. Or so I try to convince myself.


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