January 20, 2009

[ The Scene at King Street Station at 8:00 AM ]

Everyone wanted to see BHO today. Getting there was an issue. You are going to join 1,999,999 of your best friends. Here are people waiting for a Metro train at King Street Station at 8:00 AM. Temperature was about 20 degrees. When the train arrived, about a third of them had to wait for the next train.

[ The Mount Vernon Trail on Inaugration Day ]

The Mount Vernon Trail was another option. Didn't I tell you that bicycling optimizes all parts of your life? The Park Ranger is handing out commemorative buttons.

[ A HOT Lane for pedestrians on Arlington Memorial Bridge ]

Arlington Memorial Bridge was reserved for pedestrians and bicyclists. Also Segways. By about 9:00 am, I counted about 150 people a minute passing me. That's about 9,000 people an hour. You'd need a rush hour HOT lane to equal that!

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