Parts of Speech Road Trip 2002

Here is the Story of the Personal Pronouns on their 2002 Parts of Speech Tour! Click on a thumbnail to see a picture at full size. Use your back arrow to return to this page. Note the photo sizes, and look for the word, "Large." You guys on dial-up ISPs have been warned!

The Chief Grammarian Himself on Day 1. Note the thousand-KLOC stare. So much documentation, so little time!


Also on Day One, you see the wide-awake SysAdmin unselfishly staying behind to staff the Help Desk.

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2er Tag: Heidi an der Berg! The She Pronoun at a Swiss Inn nestled in the Application Mountains.

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Day 3: Like my new corner office? Egad, I have to get this virtual office thing to work!

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Day 4: The Mountain who rode up a Knob and Came Down a Hill. Two pounds of water weight, lost just like that!

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Day 5: Sibling rivalry at its worst. The loser cleans the bathrooms. Fortunately, Pigeon Forge provides excellent dueling grounds.

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Day 7: The kids duke it out again on a Minature Golf course. Those are putters, but the Pronouns wield them as if they were 8-irons.


Also Day 7: The Fast and the Furious. The He Pronoun takes on a wet track. He l-i-k-e-s fishtailing! Oh, my insurance bills!


Day 8: Biking on the Henrytown Road. Scarecrows actually work, but I didn't think they drive farm equipment!


Day 8 Evening: A milestone in the life of the He Pronoun: he lights his first fireworks fuse!

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Day 9: Laura Croft on a Mission. A She Pronoun rides the Cade's Cove Loop in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

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Day 9 Continued: And what was Laura Croft chasing? Why, it's Yogi Bear after pick-a-nick baskets ... or perhaps the stalking idiots in the background.

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Day 10: Still in Cades Cove. I tossed this picture in here in case you wonder why they call this place the "smoky mountains."


Day 11: Even on vacation, the Chief Grammarian likes to work on other people's term papers. Cool office, huh?

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Day 12: The She Pronoun waiting for a r-e-a-l-l-y big wave at Ogle's Water Park. The barnacle is the He Pronoun.


Day 13: In Tennessee, the wildlife comes to you. Our cabin has cold and cold running skanks. Everywhere!


Day 14: On the Rocky Flats Road. "Rocky" is literal, but "flats" is a relative term. Make a mistake, and learn the meaning of "rock and a hard place."

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Day 15: The Boudoir in the Trees. How can the She Pronoun go back to living in an ordinary house?


Day 16: The Pronoun Girls bond at the Hard Rock Cafe in Planet Mongo (Gatlinburg). They use an ice creme sundae as the mortar.

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Day 18: We come home and ...Wow! Wasn't there supposed to be a draught in Northern Virginia? It'll take the rest of the summer to get this cut down!

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Day 23: One Road Trip may be over, but another one begins. The He Pronoun checking out his new ride. That's a 15" hybrid with 27" wheels, folks!